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4 Advantages to Hiring an Interior Designer

4 Advantages to Hiring an Interior Designer

Have you ever wondered how your home can look as good as the homes on the covers of Better Homes and Gardens magazines, or in the Parade of Homes? Their secret is simple: they hired an interior designer.


Before you ditch the rest of this article thinking interior designers are only for celebrities, just wait. A professional designer can work with all types of budgets, big or small. Check out these other awesome benefits of hiring an interior designer:


1. More than Decorating

Many people assume a designer buys all brand new furniture pieces, light fixtures, and decor, but that’s simply not true. Interior designers can help you utilize your current furniture and decor, and rearrange it to something more suitable for you. He or she can also offer suggestions for furniture pieces, color schemes, window treatments, and organization that fits within your budget. 


2. Access to One-of-a Kind Pieces

Don’t want your house to look like the rest of the homes on the block? One upper hand that interior designers offer is access to exclusive, unique items including fabrics, textiles and patterns, furniture, lighting, accessories, and other decor that make your home look anything but ordinary. 


3. A Valuable Resource

Interior designers work with a lot of clientele and home improvement professionals. Because of this, many have solid connections already established with other reputable professionals including general contractors, architects, and home builders. Designers act as a great liaison between you and these professionals– helping alleviate stress and headache of dealing with every design detail. And because a designer has a trained eye to notice things you typically wouldn’t, he or she can steer you in the right direction for products and brands that will work for you. 


4. Saves You Money

This may sound a bit cliche, but hiring a designer can actually help you steer clear from expensive mistakes that may arise. Designing a home right will also increase the value of your home, and help your home sell quicker. And when your home is more appealing than the others in your neighborhood, it sets your home apart from the rest of the competition, meaning less days sitting on the market. 


An interior designer can be a very wise investment for anyone looking to transform their home to be their dream home, or to add more value and sell it. Let us help you get started in the process by doing your title work here at Northern Title. Contact us today to get started!