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Benefits of an Open House

Benefits of an Open House

These days, a house hunter’s search begins on the Internet; however, it doesn’t have to end there. All the online shopping in the world won’t beat the genuine, real-time experience of an Open House. Inviting prospective buyers into your home gives your property the maximum exposure that could sway a prospect’s decision faster.

Online photos of your property is a great enticement, but in this case, a picture is not always worth a thousand words. Since a house is usually the biggest purchase a buyer will ever make, you as the seller should leave nothing to chance.

An Open House is a chance for you to show your home in an up-close-and-personal way, pointing out all its best features. This will help prospective buyers get a solid, authentic idea of what it may be like to live in your home. Here are a few of the major advantages of an Open House:

Widen your prospect pool
An open house turns heads. A sign outside your property announcing your Open House may attract passerby potential buyers who may not have even known about your house beforehand. You can also ask friends, family and neighbors to spread the word about your Open House event. Prospective buyers can bring their own friends and family, who may convince them to seal the deal.

Appeal to first-time homebuyers
Many people who are in the market for the first time may not know how to go about the process; they may find the idea of it overwhelming. An Open House is a non-intimidating way for them to get their feet wet and talk to you and your agent about what appeals to them and how they can take the next steps.

Eliminate the pressure of the sales process
An Open House is usually a low-key, casual, friendly event. The pressure to buy is not a factor here; it’s all about the tour and the feel. This may relax your prospects, giving them a more positive experience associated with your home.

Get feedback
An Open House is a chance for you to find out how prospects feel about your home: what they like about it and what they don’t (even if they don’t say, you may be able to gauge preferences from their reactions). This could give you a chance to make fixes, improvements, and adjustments before your buyer search continues. It’s also an opportunity for your real estate agent to gather contact information from the prospect so that they can follow up.

Make it easy for buyers
House hunting is a strenuous and stressful activity, filled with uncertainty. A positive experience at your Open House can make a prospect feel more confident and comfortable about a buying decision. And no appointment necessary!

Save on marketing costs.
No advertising can communicate your property more effectively than an actual walk-through. An Open House gives you more chances to sell your home to an impressed prospect in a shorter period of time. Reduce your time on the market –and the cost of your marketing — to just one afternoon.

Consider hiring a staging manager
Sometimes you may need an outsider’s opinion of how your home can be best presented to prospective buyers. A professional stager can make suggestions about appealing ways to arrange your furniture, use attractive colors and finishes, and hide/dispose of items (like laundry and other clutter) that could be a drawback. Hiring a professional for one day’s work can get your more than your money back when you sell your home.

Let the neighbors help you sell your house
The neighbors have a stake in your Open House — they want a buyer who will make a good neighbor. The prospective buyer wants good neighbors too. Having personable, friendly neighbors at your Open House may help secure the sale.

Show off your amenities and local attractions
Is your home “smart,” filled with WiFi-connected gadgets like windows, doors and temperature control? An Open House is a chance for you to show off what makes your house special, as well as give a hands-on demonstration. Take your showing a bit further by pointing out the best restaurants, menus and schools in the area as well.

Communicate the right information
Buyers don’t want to only be dazzled — they also want useful information. Help your potential buyers remember you by typing up a list of all the benefits of the house, along with some sharp photos. Include a list of the local schools, shops and restaurants and make sure they take the list with them as they finish their visit. Remember to include your address and your agent’s contact information.

Bottom line
Having a strong online presence is still an absolute must when marketing your home, but an Open House lends a personal touch and gives the prospective buyer a hands-on experience that cannot be matched online. Think of an Open House as a vital marketing tool that showcases your house, maximizes your exposure and increases your chances of attracting buyers.