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Best Real Estate Apps

Best Real Estate Apps

Use modern technology to help you realize and activate your real estate goals. Many apps have free trial periods, which is good. Try them out and see if they work for you (instead of against you). The apps may help you organize your priorities, secure your passwords, produce first-rate visuals, safely store your information, and manage your social media.

Here are just a few:

Get organized:


For task management: organize tasks and projects, assign labels and filters, set reminders and priorities, list due dates. You can share these details with others.

Advantage: you can integrate this with other apps, and synch your account with Gmail, Google Calendar, Chrome, Slack and others.

Cost: free. A subscription upgrade is also available.

Organize your passwords:


Manage all of your passwords on one simple-to-use app. No longer take the time to remember them.

It’s a single sign-on (SSO) program. The only password you have to remember is actually the one for your 1Password account. Once inside the app, you tap the account you want and 1Password launches it for you. Works on both the app and its website.

Advantage: store logins, credit card and bank accounts, addresses, notes, passports, drivers’ licenses and more.

Cost: $2.99/month. You can start with a free 30-day trial.

Edit photos for your property showings:

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Make your listing or ad photos look professional. This app contains all the tools you’ll need without complication.

Crop, rotate, fix contrast and adjust exposure. Use filters and colors.

Advantage: add text, logos, watermarks and borders.

Cost: free. A subscription upgrade is also available.

Store your info on the cloud:

Microsoft OneDrive

Open an account and get 1TB (terabyte) of cloud storage. Get access to OneDrive, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote and Skype. It can be used on all your devices.

Share files, documents, videos, photos and floor plans. Auto Sync your photos from your phone, and download them to your desktop.

Advantage: the Word app allows you a speech-to-text feature in order to dictate notes. The file can be saved directly to your OneDrive cloud.

Cost: free. A subscription upgrade is also available.

Manage your social media:


Schedule your social media posts in advance. It works across multiple accounts so your posts are consistent and timely. It works for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest.

Advantage: get your message out, wider and faster. Coordinate a campaign if you’re in the market for property, or if you’re selling.

Cost: 14-day free trial, with different levels of membership.

When looking to buy or sell:

Depend on the traditional standbys, which have proven to be accurate, timely and informative:



Bigger Pockets





Bottom line:

Technology now exists to help you buy and sell real estate faster, more accurately and with more information in one place. Be sure the apps you choose offer first-rate security and, if it’s a paid subscription, the money you invest will be well worth it.