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DIY Home Renovation Tips

DIY Home Renovation Tips

Yep, home renovation can be costly, especially when you are trying to upgrade your home to attract buyers. However, making a commitment to “do it yourself” (DIY) may save you a good sum of money and go a long way toward making your home almost like new.

These days, there are all kinds of ways you can learn how to renovate on your own, with DIY books you can check out of the library and countless tutorials you can find on YouTube.

Here are just a few DIY suggestions:

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint. It may seem too simple to be useful, but updating the color can improve the curb appeal of your home, making the property look newer and fresher.
  • Replace your address numbers and mailbox. Those address numbers attached to the front of your house and your mailbox may become weary looking with weather and time. It may be an opportunity to attach new models, which could actually make your home look more modern.
  • Update your bathroom. Bathroom renovation is surely expensive, but it could be more affordable to replace little things, like handles, fixtures, mirrors, bath mats, throw rugs and wall decor.
  • Find new wall art. Simply by changing the art on the wall could give your rooms a whole new energy. You can find some great stuff at cheaper places, like flea markets, antique stores, and even online platforms like eBay and etsy.
  • Buff up your floors. Old, worn-out floors can make the whole room look old and worn out. You may have to get down on your knees, but a few hours of scrubbing and buffing, and adding a new but inexpensive area rug, could make a huge, eye-catching difference.
  • Give your windows a new look. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to give your windows a refresh. Budget-minded stores have reasonably priced curtains, shades and rods that may not need a lot of tailoring or cutting.
  • Talk to a contractor. Your contractor may have extra, usable  materials that could be sold to you at a deep discount, or even given to you for free.
  • Do your own pickup and delivery. To save on charges, go to the store yourself and bring the materials home. The money saved on those trips could really add up.
  • Attend building supply auctions. You may be able to pick up more supplies for less, even if the items are slightly used or scratched. There could also be overstock items that could work to your advantage financially.
  • Be realistic. Before you dive in, make sure that the project is going to be worth your time, and not send you down a rabbit hole of technical trouble. Study the steps of what you need to do, before you do it.

Bottom line

DIY is not always the way to go (sometimes it really does take a professional and an investment), but if you can, the DIY experience can be personally satisfying and kinder to your wallet. Consider the time and money it would take to do it yourself, and then decide if it’s worth sprucing up your home on your own. At the very least, it could be a rewarding learning experience, and open your eyes to new possibilities in your home.