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Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips

While the bones of a house can go a long way, the staging of the house is what can make a homebuyer fall in love with a house. The staging lets them picture themselves in the house, so⁣
you to create the perfect environment. It’s all about creating character without making it too personal. Here are some tips to make the most of home staging. ⁣

Basic Tips

When it comes to staging, the most important thing to do is declutter. You want to get rid of at least half of the belongings you would normally keep in your house for the purpose of staging. While potential buyers may have a lot of knickknacks themselves, the clutter will still distract them and make it harder for them to see their own belongings fitting in the room. You also want to eliminate any extraneous furniture for the same reason. ⁣

Most people clean the inside of the house very well, but forget to clean the outside of the house. If the exterior of the house looks dirty, use a home-wash hose attachment to clean the surface of the exterior. Another thing that can make a difference is the appearance of the front door. If it looks worn, it doesn’t cost much to slap on a fresh coat of paint. You want the entrance to be inviting. ⁣

Clean everything. Usually when we clean, there’s a lot we leave undone. When you have family coming over for the holidays, it probably isn’t necessary to clean inside closets, drawers, and other hidden areas. But buyers will look in these spaces. ⁣

You also want to depersonalize the house. You will want to remove all of your family photos and most of the artwork you have. These things make it feel like your home and not the home of the prospective buyer. ⁣

⁣Living Room

Most home buyers want a living room that is bright. You want to have include a lot of stylish lightning to make the living room more inviting. Buy light colored furniture or slip covers. Darker fabrics will weigh the room down. If you have a fire place, make sure you clean away any soot and make the fireplace look as new as possible. This is a centerpiece of the room so it draws attention to itself. ⁣

Another thing that is important in staging living rooms is symmetry. Think about symmetry when you place throw pillows, blankets, lamps, vases, and other decor. Symmetry is visually appealing and makes the room appear more orderly. ⁣


It might make sense to leave small appliances on the countertops to show off the functionality of the room, especially if the kitchen has substantial counter space. However, it is easy for a kitchen to look cluttered. Instead, clear everything off the counters and scrub them down until they shine. Then, spot the counters with 2-3 decor pieces, such as a vase, pitcher, or centerpiece bowl. It is also a good idea to repaint or stain your cabinets so they look fresher.⁣

Clear off the magnets on your refrigerator and clean the surface. Depending on the age of your appliances, you might need to buy new ones. In most cases, appliance look dingy. Sometimes a deep cleaning will bring new life into them, but it won’t always be enough. ⁣

When you go to clean the kitchen, you likely need a degreaser. The bottom of cabinets, backslashes, hoods, and walls tend to be extremely difficult to clean in a kitchen, especially in the areas surrounding the oven. So much grease accumulates in these areas that basic cleaners often won’t do the job. ⁣


For the master bedroom, go gender neutral. You don’t want floral quilts on the bed or sports apparel on the wall. You don’t know who the buyer is or what their interests are. Pick a paint color that is versatile, like gray. It is also a good idea to remove things like televisions and video game consoles. These things can take away from the serenity of a room. ⁣

Closets are tricky. They tend to be pack full of clothes and usually have twenty different kinds of hangers. If it is summer, pack up all your winter clothes and put them out of sight. Then get rid off the hangers and swap the for one matching set. Wooden hangers are good choice because they will make the closet seem more sophisticated than plastic hangers will. ⁣

If you only have 2-3 rooms, you’ll want one as a master room and at least one as a kid’s room to appeal to families. If you have more then 3 rooms, consider setting up one of the rooms as an office or workout space. This way you can appeal to families that are growing but still appeal to large families as well. ⁣

Dining Room⁣

Nowadays, many homeowners won’t use a dining room unless they are hosting holidays. Yet, most homeowners still want to envision themselves as entertainers. Find a table cloth or runner that is elegant but not overly formal. This way they can picture hosting Thanksgiving dinner or a casual dinner with friends. You can incorporate some design pieces like simple candle holders or a fun centerpiece, but don’t make the table feel crowded. ⁣

⁣As a final note, consider the season. Adding some seasonal elements is a good way to add character to the decor without making it too personal. If it’s spring, for example, you can incorporate fresh-cut flowers to add cool. Just don’t choose flowers that have to strong a scent. Keep the staging simple and attractive. ⁣