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Landscaping To Up The Value of Your Home

Landscaping To Up The Value of Your Home

“Curb appeal” is not the only big plus when it comes time to sell your home. Landscaping can actually earn your property a 15 percent increase in value, according to a study by Virginia Tech.

It’s all subjective: the study says that the perceived value of your home can be influenced by plant size, type, and type of landscaping.

Need some numbers to believe it? Virginia Tech horticulturalist Alex Niemiera summed up the research and found that an above-average landscaped home can sell between 5.5 percent and 12.7 percent more than a home with no landscaping. That can mean thousands of dollars going to you in the sale.

Here are a few hacks to make landscaping work for you and your home value:

  • Show that your landscaping brings privacy.

Trees and bushes add to a feeling of privacy and intimacy, especially when they’re planted in front of windows. Hedges along the sidewalk give an impression of separating the property from the outside world.

  • Keep it low-maintenance.

Remember that potential homebuyers may be enchanted by the landscaping, but they also may dread the idea (and cost) of having to maintain it. Think of stones, pebbles, rocks and other features that may not require a lot of attention, as well as plants that require little water or fertilizer. If you’re in the right climate, cacti is cool-looking and easy to maintain.

  • Install a smart irrigation system.

Old-school water hoses are good, but they can become burdensome if you have to wrangle them regularly. Consider an automatic irrigation system that can schedule watering appointments and do the watering for you, even while you are on vacation. Some systems can even tell when the landscaping is too dry and needs to be watered. Be sure to tell the potential buyers about this system, especially if it doesn’t happen to be on during their visit. A smart irrigation system does the thinking for you — buyers may appreciate that.

  • Add a deck or patio.

Show your potential buyer the wonders of your outdoors with the help of a deck or patio. Yep, there is some more maintenance involved, and the installation can cost you some extra money, but think of the resale value and the added benefit that another home seller may not be able to offer or match in quality or aesthetics.

  • Add additional light.

Of course, the outdoors give you all the natural light that you need, but keep the feeling alive at night with attractive lighting fixtures that show off your house and light the way to your door. Most landscape lighting is surprisingly affordable, and many of them — LED lighting in particular — don’t use too much energy. Think of spotlights for your porch, garage and backyard door as a crime deterrent, another great selling point.

  • Eat out.

Built-in barbeques, firepits and even a pizza oven are interesting ways to add a great value to your landscape. Outdoor cabinetry, tables and chairs can provide one more room in addition to the kitchen for family meals and festive gatherings.

Bottom line:

Value-added landscaping can go far beyond planting some flowers and grass seed. A well-maintained, low-cost/maintenance, interesting exterior can make your house more memorable to potential homebuyers as it improves your house’s facade. Remember that the outside of your home is the very first thing that potential buyers see when they arrive.