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Team Roping and Title Work

Team Roping and Title Work

Team Roping, Title Work and Tying it All Together

Most Chief Financial Officers sit behind a desk, pushing paper and going about a meeting-heavy yet fairly uneventful day.

But Brett Broadhead isn’t your typical CFO.


No, this Northern Title CFO loves to saddle in atop a sprinting horse, lasso ready, in anticipation of the game. The official name for it? Team roping. You’ve probably seen it at the rodeo or on TV: horseback riders compete in pairs to rope the horns and legs of a steer in the fastest possible time. It’s a fast paced and intense test of skill and focus- just the way Brett likes it.

“I’ve been team roping as long as I can remember,” recalls Broadhead.”Ever since I was a little kid. I started roping around the house and starting doing it on horses when I was five or six.”

What a treat it must have been for his parents when their lamp came crashing to the floor as a proxy for a young steer! Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere.


Team Roping and Titles: Tying It All Together


Team Roping and helping customers close on a home might seem unrelated at first glance, but their similarities- and the proactive attention to detail needed in both – are exactly what Northern Title has excelled at for over 40 years. And it’s here Brett feels that both skills require comparable commitment and strategy with very similar end goals.

“Team roping and title work are kinda similar in that you’re trying to bring together several parties in a transaction. With team roping you’ve got the header, the heeler, the header’s horse, the heeler’s horse and the roping steer.  You’re taking all five of these things with their own mind and their own agenda and bringing them together to successfully complete something. In title work, you’ve got all the different parties in a transaction: the buyer, seller and so forth. And in the end you’re trying to bring them together to complete a transaction.”

Just like team roping, working for a title company isn’t always smooth sailing. Getting everyone on the same page is harder than it appears and takes the right teamwork and chemistry to really be the best at what you do.

Brett and the experts at Northern Title Logan pride themselves on their longstanding relationships with the community and the time they take with each individual client to make sure problems are minimal to nonexistent throughout the buying or selling process– all with no regrets when it’s all said and done. That takes a lot of effort and hardwork.

“It’s a challenge, but a fun challenge.”


Real Life Reflected in Northen Title’s Way of Doing Business


What helps working professionals like Broadhead lead a balanced and productive life is their ability to apply the the same great characteristics from their personal lives into their work. Brett knows the time he takes to dedicate to his craft helps him perfect the process ensures a better result.

His team feels the same way.

“We’re perfectionists. We want every transaction to be perfect. We want everybody to feel like one of the biggest things they’ll ever do in their life — buying a house– went well. That it was successful. And when they’re done they think, ‘that couldn’t have gone better’.”


Northern Title: Perfectionism and Proactivity


The real estate industry can be extremely competitive, especially in the current marketplace. Sometimes the difference between effectively helping someone get into a home and missing out on an opportunity can be a matter of hours. Brett isn’t interested in wasting anyone’s time.

“At Northern Title we have to be fast, accurate and proactive. Precision, teamwork, accuracy and speed is challenging, but it’s a lot of fun.”

Northern Title Logan knows when you’re buying a new house or property, the last thing you want to discover is that the property has a complication you were unaware of, which may affect your purchase. Honesty and transparency are vital to the relationships formed with Northern Title. Brett and his team take it upon themselves to keep customers informed throughout the entire process- with an emphasis on customer confidence and peace of mind.

So what gives this Wyoming native and father of four peace of mind?

“When I’m team roping, it’s definitely an escape from real life.”

So there’s got to be a secret to being both a talented team roper and successful businessman right? Some college course or fancy training perhaps?

Broadhead knows it’s much more simple than that: “There’s just no substitute for hard work.”


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