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Updates Your Home Needs Every 10 Years⁣

Updates Your Home Needs Every 10 Years⁣

Buying a home is exciting, especially if you found the home you plan to live in for many years to come. But as a homeowner, you have to also consider things from a sales perspective. You might plan to grow old in your new home, but plans change. Your job make take you to a new city. Your kids could move out of state, and you decide to follow them. You could end up just wanting a change. What you don’t want is to decide to move and find your home is in no condition to sell. Keeping your house updated will prevent this scenario from occurring. Here are seven things you should update every ten years. ⁣


Appliances wear over time. The dishwasher might stop cleaning as well as it did when you first bought it. Maybe the ice maker in your refrigerator doesn’t work. While you can have an appliance that is ten years old that works perfectly fine, in a year or two, it could be a completely different story. It isn’t all about aesthetics. When homebuyers see older appliances they see dollar signs. Buying new appliances all at once is obviously costly, so it usually works better if you upgrade appliances gradually. ⁣


Paint is one of the easiest way to make an old house look fresh again. After ten years, the paint on your walls will start to look faded or dingy. Re-painting walls, both inside and outside of the house, will not only keep your home looking more attractive, but it’s also fun. You have a chance to play around with colors and find designs that reflect your personality. We all grow tired of looking at the same thing day after day. Changing the look of the rooms will help you stay in love with your home. ⁣


Carpet, in particular, suffers a lot of wear and tear. Think about all the dirt, dust, and stains soft finishings attract. Chances are that after ten years, the carpet in your home won’t look anything like it did when you first bought it. Replacing carpets will not only enhance the appearance of your home, but is essential if you have allergies. Hardwood and engineered wood floors have more durability, but if you have vinyl flooring, cork flooring, or laminate you will probably need to update those over time as well. Vinyl flooring, for example, will become quite scratched after a decade of people walking on it. ⁣

Hot Water Heater

Another thing to consider is maintenance. People think of old homes as much more expensive over time because things break and need to be replaced. All these repairs add up. However, sometimes replacement are actually the most cost-effective option. Old water heaters can start to leak and malfunction. You are better off replacing a water heater before it starts to have problems. Otherwise, you will stay have to pay the cost to replace it but you also risk the added cost of repairing water damage. If you don’t know the age of your water heater, you will usually be able to find a manufacture date on the tank. ⁣

⁣Windows and Entrances

If your windows and doors are super old, you might have to replace them outright. Older doors and windows don’t offer the same level of insulation. Plus, windows that don’t open easily are fire hazards. With newer homes, you might not have to replace windows and doors every ten years, you just need to give them some attention. It is pretty easy to reglaze a window or repaint a door, and it’ll look much better afterwards. You also have to replace the seals on your doors, especially if you live somewhere with harsh weather conditions. This seals will start to deteriorate over time, and you’ll be able to tell during the colder months. These changes can make your windows and doors look more attractive and help them do their job better. And they are a lot cheaper than buying brand new doors and windows. ⁣

Garbage Disposal

There are things you can do to clean the garbage disposal and keep it working longer, but eventually the blades are going to dull. When this happens, the garbage disposal needs to be replaced. It isn’t like with a knife where you can just sharpen the blade and get it back into working condition. You can tell if the blades are dull because it will take the garbage disposal longer to push food through. ⁣

Ceiling Fans

If you live in warmer climates, a mid-grade fan will only last about ten years. They will last longer if you have a high-quality fan or if you don’t use them regularly. But In some areas, you need to keep the ceilings fans running or the house gets too hot, especially at night. Moreover, after ten years, your ceiling fan is likely out of style. One of the best signs that a ceiling fans are wearing down is if the light bulbs seems to not last as long. If it feels like you’re going through bulb twice as fan, something is not right. ⁣

If you plan on staying in your home for many years, it is a good idea to put these updates on rotation. You might not be able to afford to make all these updates in one year (or have the time). Updates and maintenance are both a lot more manageable if you space them out. The key is to figure out how much you can take on and find a good way to manage your time and budget. ⁣