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Why Smart Realtors Use Northern Title

Smart Realtor

Why Smart Realtors Use Northern Title

If you’re a realtor you’ve got a lot of relationships to manage. Between working with potential buyers, sellers, and loan officers it can be a lot. While each relationship is uniquely important, the relationship between a realtor and their title company is one that shouldn’t have to be stressful. In fact, that relationship should be seen as a resource to help alleviate burdens and concerns posed by buyers and sellers. Consider us a helping hand or lifeline if you will.


Here’s a look at some reasons why smart realtors use Northern Title:


  1. Clear communication


Every good relationship, real estate related or not, depends on frequent and open communication. We You have a team of great communicators who understand your responsibilities and your customers’ needs in the closing process. We aim to stay on top of lending agreements and translate documents into a language that all parties involved in the sale can understand. Whether it’s by phone, email, or in person, we will respond just as quick as we possibly can.


  1. Attention to detail/Incredible service


Let’s face it, realtors have a lot to keep track of. Important details that can define the success or failure of a transaction. If you have a tendency to overlook minor details, or would feel better about having another set of eyes look over the fine print, then Northern Title Company is a great fit to help you feel secure about each and every step in the process. Our entire staff is committed to serving you with whatever you might need. We understand you have a job to do and that your time is important. We want to make your life easier! If there’s a way to simplify things, we’ll do it.


  1. Legal expertise


It would be pretty difficult to win at the board game Monopoly without any instructions or rules. (Unless you play with some cheaters!) Real estate law can be complex and hard to fully understand without the proper rules and instructions. Some realtors may have a greater knowledge than others with this based on their previous experience. Don’t sweat the legal questions, we know our stuff! Our team has experienced members who have dealt with almost every legal situation encountered by mankind. These talented individuals have worked their way through years of settlements and closings.


  1. Smooth escrow process


Does the title process always seem smooth until actual money is involved? Assure that the title company you choose uses a fast and efficient escrow transfer process. Without an easy system for transferring funds, the escrow process could actually slow the time it takes to finalize the sale. A good title insurance agency is on top of escrow for easy transactions.


  1. Compliance with regulations


Not sure if what you’re doing is up to date? We pride ourselves on knowing your work will comply with all of the regulations and standards set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). We do our best to stay current  keeps with the latest changes. Our team adapts and updates systems and processes to ensure we are meeting all necessary requirements. We know that doing so will allow for a much smoother transaction for real estate agents during the closing process.


We know you have lots of options when it comes to the title company you work with, but we hope you’ll put us to the test so we can help make your life easier. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.


For more information about Northern Title and our services visit http://www.northerntitle.net or follow us on Facebook.