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Why Your House Isn’t Selling⁣

Why Your House Isn’t Selling⁣

So you listed your house on the market hoping it would sell fast, but instead you haven’t even gotten one offer. A home that doesn’t sell is annoying, but it also costs you money. You spend more on agents and will usually have to settle for a lower price. Often times, there is an easy fix, The first step is to figure out the reason your house isn’t selling. ⁣

Your Listing Agent Isn’t up for the Job⁣

It is easy to tell if you hired the wrong agent if the agent seems incompetent and inexperienced. But sometimes a listing agent is perfectly good at their job, they just aren’t the right fit for you or your property. One thing you have to do is figure out what your main goal. Some listing agents excel at making their clients a profit, while others specialize in quick turnovers. If your goal is to sell it fast, you will want a listing agent who has a high volume of sells to their name. ⁣

The Price Is Too High⁣

Price is often the biggest issue. If you ask more than the house is worth, you might end up getting less for it than you would had you priced it less ambitiously. While looking at other listings in the neighborhood can give you a better idea as to what is a fair price, you can also ask for feedback when you show it. If the people who look at the house find the price is too high, it probably is. A quality listing agent will also be able to help you figure out what is the ideal price to list the house at. No one is going to want to buy your home if there are similar houses in the area that are less expensive. ⁣

Your Home Doesn’t Have the Right Look⁣

On the one hand, stuff that makes your home unique, makes it harder to sell. For example, if your home is larger than what is needed for the average family size in the area, it will take longer to sell. While some design features can’t be changed, some can. Everything from paint color to how you set up spare rooms can affect how your house connected with potential home buyers. On the other hand, you also have to consider the market. If only ten percent of homes in your neighborhood sell within the first month, you need to make yourself stand out or you’ll end up being in the 90%. You might have to spend more on upgrades and finishes if you want your home to sell quickly. If your house is incredibly unique, you will need to be patient as it is going to take more time to find the right buyer. However, you can speed the process along my coming up with a marketing campaign designed to appeal to buyers looking for something that breaks the mold. ⁣

You Don’t Have Curb Appeal⁣

Even if the inside of your house does everything right, a lot of buyers won’t get far enough to see it if you don’t give enough attention to the outside of the house. In some markets, buyers aren’t looking for a fixer-upper. So if the paint looks worn or the yard is unkempt, they might just assume the inside is in similar condition. Even just adding some flowers and putting on a new coat of paint can make a real difference. If you really want to up your curb appeal, hire a landscaper. ⁣

Your Listing Photos Don’t Show off The House⁣

Nowadays, potential buyers look closely at online listings before they decide whether or not to look at a house. Thus, if the photos aren’t up to par, you have a problem. Photos taken by a professional photographer simply look a lot better than photos taken by a camera phone. For one, the lighting just isn’t as good. What often happens is the pictures look nowhere near as good as the the real deal. With higher quality photos, you’ll receive more page views and likely more people who show interest in seeing the house. If you notice that you’re not getting a lot of page views, re-do the photos but this time use a professional photographer. You also have to consider what you take pictures of. It’s off-putting if you only attach five pictures. It makes it seem like you have something to hide. Some people only shoot the master bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Potential also want to see pictures of the bathrooms and other bedrooms. At the same time, you have to play to your strengths. If your kitchen is one of the highlights of the house, take a lot of kitchen pictures. Kitchens are one of the rooms that can sell a whole house. But if you have small closets, you might not want to take pictures of them. Find your selling points and try to capitalize on them. ⁣

You Haven’t Marketed Enough

While some houses are so amazing they sell themselves, this isn’t the norm. There are so many things you can do to market a house. You can make poster cards and mail them to homes in the neighborhood. Many of your neighbors are looking to move but want to stay in the same school district. They also might have friends and family looking to move. You can hire a virtual tour company to come shoot videos of your home. This will help give online home hunters a better feel of your house and stir up interest in the property. You can hold open houses and put flyers up over town. The key is you can’t do just one thing. If you have a versatile marketing campaign, you’ll reach more people. ⁣

If you’ve been waiting and waiting for offers to come in, but aren’t having any luck, it isn’t too late. There is still a lot you can do to increase your appeal to potential buyers and drum up interest in your house. ⁣